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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

YORK Cookery School courses & classes


YORK Cookery School will use all reasonable endeavours to provide cookery courses of high quality that are both enjoyable and value for money. These terms and conditions have been written to ensure that there are no misunderstandings that could detract from your enjoyment of our courses. Please take time to read them carefully.

Reservation, Payment & Cancellations

The full cost of a YORK Cookery school course will be paid at the time of booking. A full refund will only be made where you cancel a course no later than 28 days prior to the date of the commencement of the course. If you wish to cancel your booking, you must do so in writing by either e-mail or post to YORK Cookery School. If you cancel within the 28 day period prior to the start of your course, YORK Cookery School will be entitled to reallocate your place without prejudice to the obligation to repay the fees. We recommend that you consider insurance cover if you are concerned about needing to cancel for any reason.

We reserve the right to cancel or change the date of a course where it is impractical for a course to run effectively, and issues that we will take into consideration in reaching this decision will be staffing, equipment, attendance levels and any other matters that affect the operation of the course. We will use all reasonable endeavours to give you 14 days notice of a course being cancelled. In the event of a course being cancelled, YORK Cookery School will allocate a place on a replacement course or repay any fees received in respect of the course which has been cancelled.

In the event that the course instructor is unable to attend a course due to illness or other matters beyond our control, we reserve the right to run the course using a deputy in their place.

Subject to these provisions, all bookings are non-refundable. If you wish to change the date of your course, we will be as flexible as possible but this is a matter for our discretion and will depend on the circumstances, and we cannot guarantee that you will not have to cancel your place on the course.

Please note that vouchers are non-refundable in all circumstances. The provisions given above with regard to cancellation also apply, to the effect that a voucher will be reduced in value by 100% if cancellation is given within 28 days of the commencement of a course.


We reserve the right to terminate the class for any customer, without reimbursement of fees, if the customer is found to be disruptive to other customers and/or the instructors, or is found to behave unlawfully in any way prior to or during the course. Cooks of all ages and experience are welcome on the courses, but we reserve the right to ask a customer to leave a course if they are behaving in an irresponsible manner.

If you, or we, are forced to terminate your attendance during the course, your course fees will not be refunded to you.


Please note that the timing details for each course given on our website and other publicity materials are approximate, and given for guidance only.

Health and Safety

The equipment used in the cookery school kitchen, and the cooking techniques involved on a course pose certain hazards. Please follow the course instructor’s guidance on hygiene, handling any equipment and on any technical procedures very carefully. Most of the course will be spent standing (although there is seating available should you choose to rest). Please wear comfortable non-slip shoes ensuring toes are covered, and casual lightweight clothing. Aprons will be provided, but please remove any watches, jewellery or other items of loose clothing that may cause inconvenience and ensure that long hair is tied back

Please advise us at the time of booking of any dietary requirements or food allergies you have.

Cooks of all ages and experience are welcome on the courses, but we reserve the right to ask a guest to leave a course if they are behaving in an irresponsible manner.

We expect you to report and pay for any careless damages and breakages to YORK Cookery School equipment where appropriate.

Excessive drinking and the use of illegal drugs are not permitted.

Personal Property

You should not bring any items of special value onto the YORK Cookery School premises. YORK Cookery School will not accept responsibility for the loss of any personal possessions, neither do we accept liability for personal injury except as imposed by statute. YORK Cookery School will not be liable for any loss suffered by you resulting from any event which is beyond the reasonable control of the YORK Cookery School.

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